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Del Fante Photography is a Professional Photography and Styling service dedicated to Architecture, Interiors, Decor and  furniture design Imagery

Commercial clients include Architects, Interior Designers, Editorials, Resorts & Hotels and High end Real estate


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, and available for commission internationally, we focus on bringing your project a unique architect's perspective that enhances your brand through the use of striking and original imagery




Photographer Kate Del Fante Scott is a practicing professional Architect and designer who by natural extension specialises in Architectural & Interior imagery

Kate’s approach is to create bold, dynamic and expressive images that evoke the true qualitys of the space or focal piece depicted. The combined knowledge of photography, lighting and styling paired with design insight, formal architect's eye and architectural expertise, creates images that unlock the architectural finesse and the designers expression


Her images consistently focus on strong architectural lines, the expression of form,  framing views and dynamic compositions that draw your eye through the image and convey the true feeling of a space.

Interiors are approached from a balanced, and analytical design  perspective, keeping  palettes and tones harmonious and complimentry and  material qualitys true to  the designers intent


By using a combination of HDR and strobe, photographic lighting intervention emulates the natural qualitys of the light in the day or emphasises the dramatic architectural lighting features in the golden hours and at night

Kates love and appreciation of architecture and design, and ability to 'read' a space, is what lends itself to a unique outcome

Photo credit: Francoise V

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